Celebrating Newcastle: Highlights from the 2024 Community Survey

Hello, Newcastle residents! The results from our 2024 Community Survey are in, and there’s plenty to cheer about. Let’s dive into what makes Newcastle a great place to live, based on feedback from 414 of your fellow community members.

What We Love About Newcastle:

  • Overall Quality of Life: An impressive 94% of respondents are happy with their quality of life here. That's a strong indicator that Newcastle is a great place to call home.
  • Parks and Recreation: Our city’s green spaces are a hit, with 90% satisfaction for parks, trails, and open areas. It’s clear that our efforts to maintain and enhance these spaces are paying off.
  • Community Appearance: Keeping Newcastle beautiful is something we can all be proud of, with 84% of us satisfied with the look and feel of our community.

A Bit About the Survey: This isn’t the first time we’ve reached out to hear your thoughts. The City of Newcastle has been conducting these surveys since 2019, with this year marking our third edition. Each survey aims to gather meaningful feedback from a random sample of households, ensuring everyone’s voice can be heard. This year, we hit our target with 414 completed surveys, achieving a confidence level of 95% with a precision of +/- 4.8%.

Reflecting on Our Journey: Since the first survey, we’ve used your feedback to guide city improvements and service enhancements. Seeing high satisfaction rates in key areas like parks and our community's appearance reaffirms that we are moving in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey! Your input helps shape the future of Newcastle, ensuring it remains a wonderful place for all of us. Here’s to continuing the great work and making our city even better together!

Resources: 2024 Community Survey Results & Maps 

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