Remittance of Sales Tax

Operate your business knowing you are always charging your customers the right amount of sales tax. With the state Department of Revenue's Tax Rate Lookup tool, all you need is the physical address or zip+4 of your business location or ship-to address. You will receive the local sales tax rate, corresponding local tax code and a confirmation number so you can operate with confidence knowing your sales tax rates are correct.

As a separate jurisdiction, the City of Newcastle has a unique sales tax location code. Most of Newcastle has a location code of 1736. A small portion of the city is within a Non-Regional Transit Authority area, and the code is 4036. 

The Department of Revenue offers a mobile version of the Tax Rate Lookup tool for download on both iOS and Android platforms, perfect for those constantly on the move or on the work site. The Tax Rate Lookup tool can be found online at at

What is Retail Sales Tax?

Retail sales tax is Washington’s principal tax source. Businesses making retail sales in Washington collect sales tax from their customer.

Generally, a retail sale is the sale of tangible personal property. It is also the sale of services such as installation, repair, cleaning, altering, improving, construction, and decorating. Other services include improving real or personal property, amusement and recreational activities, lawn maintenance, and physical fitness activities. See Services Subject to Sales Tax for examples of retail services. Further, sales of digital products to consumers are retail sales. See a list of retail sales and use tax exemptions here.

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