Newcastle welcomes your business to the city and aims to give you the most efficient permitting process possible. One of the first steps is to apply for a city business license. The Washington State Department of Revenue issues city business licenses as an addendum to Washington State Business Licenses. Go to this web page for more information, or directly to the Department of Revenue website to apply. After the city receives notification from the state of your application, staff will confirm that the business is consistent with the zoning of your proposed location and review your application for conformance with other requirements. If you plan to install a sign, a sign permit will be required.

Home Businesses
If you are conducting business at your home, and the activity is noticeable in your neighborhood, you may be required to obtain a Type II Home Occupation Permit. View regulations that apply to these permit types in Newcastle Municipal Code 18.30.040, and find the home occupation permit application here.

Temporary or Door to Door Solicitors
Businesses setting up temporarily or who plan to go from door to door or approach people in some other way are required to obtain a solicitor permit. The permit benefits both businesses and residents. Residents are assured when they see a person with a solicitor's permit that the business is legitimate and licensed, and the solicitor has passed a police background check. Visit this page for more information. Applications must be submitted in person at City Hall.

Builders and Other Contractors
Electrical permits are issued by the State Department of Labor and Industries, and permits related to water and sewer are issued by Coal Creek Utility District. The Community Development Department issues building, mechanical, plumbing, re-roofing, solar, demolition and right of way permits. View this page for more information on city permits. Many permits that do not require plan review can be obtained online at Prior to issuance of a building permit, staff will confirm that your business has a city business license and state contractor license from the Department of Labor and Industries.

Remittance of Sales Tax
As a separate jurisdiction, the City of Newcastle has a unique sales tax location code. Most of Newcastle has a location code of 1736. A small portion of the city is within a Non-Regional Transit Authority area, and the code is 4036. Go to this State Department of Revenue site to look up sales and use tax rates.

Alarm Monitoring Companies
In Newcastle, alarm monitoring companies are required to obtain an alarm system operator's license directly from the city. View this web page for more information and the license application.

The City of Newcastle does not currently have a business and occupation tax or a utility tax.

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